ValentinaIt’s about time you meet a girl like our sweet, gentle and sexy Valentina. A very fresh girl, not spoiled by the business yet and with no work done on her – Valentina is all natural. I think this is the most beautiful thing about her. She is very in touch with her raw, natural sexuality of a young girl. She is only 22 years old, but sometimes I would say she acts and looks even younger. It is great to take a moment and try to see the world through her pure, innocent and curious eyes. There is so much that can surprise her! Valentina loves to discover new things in the world, especially connected with human sexuality. She is no lay-woman, of course, but she finds it fascinating to see how different people react to the similar stimuli.

Valentina is a real girly gem with soft skin and great figure. She is naturally slender and her only exercise is what you do between the sheets. She is therefore not recommended for guys who prefer their girls to be more muscular. This sweet, delicate beauty may not be very strong, but she is flexible – literally and metaphorically. Try her out and get a fresh adventure!